1. How to Convince Someone to Brush Their Teeth

    How is the oral health in your household? How is your own oral health? Whatever the answer may be, you can rest assured that brushing frequency plays a huge part. Regular teeth-brushing seems like a no-brainer to most people. It is certainly talked about that way. However, you would be shocked at how low dental health is on many people's priority lists. Bad dental habits form in all kind of differ…Read More

  2. How to Instill Great Dental Habits in Your Children

    We all want our children to have great lives. Being able to chew food comfortably and not end up bogged down with dental costs is part of that. The good news is, when your kids are young, you have great opportunities to protect their future dental health by giving them great habits. The team at Smile Designers is dedicated to helping parents/guardians and their children maintain great dental healt…Read More

  3. Signs You Need to Make an Appointment With Us – Part 2

    Going to the dentist isn’t usually on people’s lists of favorite activities. That being said, it’s an incredibly important thing to do. Our teeth play a key role in our ability to process the food we need to survive, and when they run into trouble, one of the most basic activities of life can become a painful process. The good news is, teeth are made to stand up to a lot of abuse. Their coat…Read More

  4. Signs You Need to Make an Appointment With Us – Part 1

    Dentists have played an important role in society for many years. We sure are glad that the tools of the trade have come as far as they have; if you think today’s dental implements look unfriendly, you haven’t seen the tools dentists used in the past. However, one thing that hasn’t changed in all this time is the way that your teeth and mouth send distress signals. Being able to recognize th…Read More