Sometimes people think that cavities are inevitable, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. You can take measures to protect your teeth against cavities, both for yourself and for your children. Read our post today to find out what you can do to help prevent cavities from developing in kids’ teeth.

Foster A Healthy Diet

Natural foods offer teeth great protection! You’ve heard the old saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples and many other fresh fruits are great for helping maintain healthy teeth, thanks to the nutritional content found in these foods as well as the cleaning action that they offer. In particular, apples, Asian pears, kiwis, and strawberries provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are needed by growing kids’ teeth. In addition, the fibrous texture of these fruits helps clear away food particles that get stuck in teeth and bacteria that can otherwise build up into a thick layer of plaque. As your child bites into an apple and chews it to bits, using all the teeth, this action helps clean the teeth to keep them healthy.

Many fresh vegetables provide this cleaning action, too, including carrots, celery, and jicama, to name a few. By chewing on these raw vegetables, kids clean their teeth naturally while benefiting from a variety of healthy nutrients.

Limit Consumption Of Sticky, Sugary Foods

Most kids gravitate to sugary sweets, and letting them eat these sometimes is all right, within reason. But you and your kids will be better off if you can limit the quantity of sticky, sugary sweets that are consumed. Candy bars, and candy in general, can be brutal on kids’ teeth. The sticky, sugary ingredients cling to their teeth and create conditions that are ideal for decay to take place and cavities to form. What’s more, hard, sticky candies can sometimes damage children’s teeth by creating cracks and chips. Everyone in your family is better off when you limit the types and quantities of processed sweets that are consumed.

Have Your Kids’ Dentist Apply Dental Sealants

One great tool that pediatric dentists have at their disposal comes in the form of dental sealants. If you’ve never heard of these, here’s what they are: a thin film your child’s dentist applies to the tops of back teeth to protect them against decay. This protective coating is made from dental-safe materials that are applied as a liquid that solidifies quickly during the procedure. The film forms a barrier over your child’s teeth, which keeps food from getting lodged into the tiny crevices. By creating this barrier, your child’s dentist is able to keep the protected tooth surfaces free of plaque buildup, thus reducing the likelihood that a cavity will develop.

The procedure is quick, simple, and straightforward. It’s generally pain-free, although it’s normal that some kids may feel a bit of discomfort, especially if they are naturally more sensitive in general. At Smile Designers PC, we practice gentle dentistry with all of our patients, including our youngest ones. We take extra care to make the experience a positive one for your youngster. Getting dental sealants is a great way to protect kids’ teeth against cavities.

Teach Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Whether or not your child has dental sealants, it’s important to teach good oral hygiene and make sure that these habits are practiced daily. Teach your child to floss and brush teeth regularly. If you’re wondering how often your children should be flossing and brushing, or what proper techniques they should be using, reach out to our dental clinic. Our staff will be happy to offer recommendations.

Schedule Regular Cleanings And Appointments

Brushing, flossing, and eating right are important for keeping cavities at bay, but it’s also important to regularly schedule cleanings and checkups for your kids’ ongoing dental health. Professional cleanings can remove plaque build-up that brushing alone can’t take care of, and checkups let your child’s pediatric dentist monitor any potential issues, often preventing them from happening in the first place, and usually keeping small issues from becoming big problems.

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