A kid-friendly dentist can make a world of difference in terms of creating a more positive dental office experience for your child, and eliminating the fear that children (and adults) sometimes feel about going to the dentist. A pediatric dentist has the right background and experience to treat children with extra care. Their teeth and mouths are especially sensitive, so a very gentle approach is required for their comfort. What’s more, a pediatric dentist knows how to put a child at ease by joking around and creating a positive dental office environment. Here are ways that a pediatric dentist can help with your child’s dental care needs.

Sets A Good Precedent For Ongoing Dental Care

When your child’s early experiences at a dental clinic are positive, it sets a good precedent for future visits and ongoing dental care and hygiene. A pediatric dentist is trained to address children’s unique needs. They need a friendly dentist who can talk to them at their level, without talking down to them, and knows how to put them at ease. Pediatric dentists can even make a dental visit fun, making it more likely that your child will continue to schedule regular dental care appointments throughout life for strong, healthy teeth and better dental health and hygiene overall!

Knows The Unique Challenges Children’s Teeth Experience

When it comes to their teeth, children go through a lot! From getting their first baby tooth, to losing baby teeth and getting permanent ones, a child’s mouth is constantly changing. What parents need to know is that baby teeth are very important, even if they eventually fall out and are replaced. The healthier the baby teeth are, the healthier your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums will be throughout the childhood years and well beyond. If baby teeth decay and gums become infected, your child will experience pain, and these issues can contribute to problems down the road. A pediatric dentist can take a good look at your child’s mouth and determine what needs to be done to improve dental health, thus saving your child from experiencing unnecessary pain, and setting the course for healthier dental health through the years.

Can Take Protective Measures To Prevent Cavities

In particular, pediatric dentists have a very important tool available to protect the back teeth against developing cavities. This simple yet highly effective method involves applying sealers to the surface of molars, essentially creating a protective barrier that protects your child’s teeth from the cumulative effects of bacteria buildup from the foods they consume. Sugar can be especially harmful to children’s teeth, but we all know that a child’s diet often contains sugary foods and snacks, making it especially challenging to protect their teeth from decay.

Dental sealants offer this protection, and it doesn’t take very long for your child’s pediatric dentist to apply them. It’s a matter of brushing on a coating over the chewing surfaces of the teeth, then drying the coating so it hardens into a protective barrier. It’s well worth considering this dental care preventive treatment for your child; it can help prevent cavities and preserve the strength and integrity of young teeth.

Turn To Smile Designers For Quality Pediatric Dentistry

Here at Smile Designers in Longmont, Colorado, we offer family dentistry services that are affordable, gentle, and incorporate the latest advances in dentistry for healthier teeth for every member of your family. Our pediatric dentistry approach with children ensures a more positive experience for them, putting them at ease and alleviating any anxiety they might be feeling. We take a gentle approach to treating children, always keeping the mood light and treating every child with great care and respect. For all of your and your family’s dental care needs, turn to Smile Designers in Longmont!