If you’ve experienced a dental issue before, you know that a little ache can quickly escalate into excruciating pain that makes it next to impossible to eat, drink, or even talk. Though not all dental problems cause extreme discomfort, they can get very serious, and you need to understand when it’s time to see a professional. Given the fact that many people don’t visit their dentists regularly and will try to dismiss symptoms in hopes they’ll go away, we wanted to take some time and share signs that you’re dealing with something serious.


Signs You’re About to Have a Dental Emergency

You have a headache and fever that won’t let up.

Any time your body has a serious infection, it heats everything up to kill the enemy. This feels like a fever. If you’ve got oral pain combined with fever and a headache, you’re probably dealing with something like a tooth abscess or gum infection. Do not wait to make an appointment. You will need professional help to solve the problem and give you relief before things get worse.

Your jaw hurts all the time.

Your jaw does a lot for you every day, and when it gets sore, there are a bunch of possible reasons why. It can be joint pain, stress, arthritis, bruxism, TMJ syndrome, or clenching your teeth while you sleep. At times, it can be difficult to tell which is tooth pain and which is jaw pain. However, the most common cause of jaw pain is a cracked or infected tooth. We can accurately assess the situation and get to the bottom of whatever is causing you pain, whether it’s an infection or just stress.

Your mouth tastes like pennies.

If you’ve got a bitter, metallic taste in your mouth that won’t go away, something is probably wrong with your teeth. If you have fillings, chances are good that one of them has broken. Either way, it’s time to give us a call.

If you have a broken filling, it’s an emergency waiting to happen, so get in touch so we can repair the damage and prevent you from having to go through intense pain.

You had intense tooth pain, but now it’s gone.

If you’ve been sitting on intense pain, hoping it will go away, and then it suddenly does, it can feel like you just won a great victory. This is probably not the case. If a nerve has been screaming at you and then it goes silent, chances are good it has been destroyed and you’ve got a significant infection going on. You probably have an abscess so close to the nerve, it has killed the nerve and you need a root canal. As with most medical situations, an abrupt change in symptoms means it’s time to contact a professional.

You have a loose tooth.

Adults should never have loose teeth. If any of your teeth feel wiggly and/or painful, get to our office immediately. You may have an injury or local infection undermining your teeth. If you also have red or bleeding gums, you may have advanced gum disease, which can cause heart disease if not tended to. Gum disease can even lead to a heart attack, so contact us so we can get to the bottom of the issue.


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