In-Office Teeth Whitening

It’s never been easier to have the same smile that Hollywood stars flash! With in-office teeth whitening treatments, you can brighten your teeth several shades in just your first visit. Here’s how it works: A whitening solution is applied to remove any stains or discoloration that may be present. Your cosmetic dentistry provider will determine the quantity of bleaching solution that’s right for you. Most patients experience best results within two to four weeks of treatments; a custom mouthpiece is created to continue whitening your teeth at home during this period. At the end of your treatment, you’ll have a bright, beautiful smile everyone you encounter will enjoy!


This dental care treatment addresses gaps that are present between your teeth, small chips that develop as a result of a sports injury, an accidental elbow to a tooth, or any other mishaps, and small, hairline cracks that may have developed from overzealous chewing.

Typically in just one visit, your dentist will apply a tooth-colored material to the affected area, creating a smoother, more even appearance. You might be amazed at how your teeth suddenly seem straighter, stronger, and healthier after just a single visit. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is the way to go when you need some level of restoration, but not enough to warrant a crown or an implant.

Dental Veneers

These are thin sheets of porcelain that are placed directly over your front teeth to alter the color, shape, or overall appearance of your teeth. Veneers are made to fit thanks to the impressions that your dental staff will first take. Each veneer is carefully affixed to its corresponding tooth for a smile transformation that will leave you amazed!


Another of the common dental services available for beautifying a smile is contouring. This reshaping technique involves smoothing and bonding in order to achieve uniformity; for patients who are concerned by irregularly shaped or overlapping teeth, contouring can be a simple solution for a more beautiful smile.

Turn To Smile Designers In Longmont, CO

Here at Smile Designers, our dental specialists are ready to work with you to give you the smile you dream of! As you can see, dental services exist to meet your specific needs. You don’t have to live with overlapping, crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth when there are simple cosmetic dentistry solutions that can take care of these issues.

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