We all know taking care of your teeth is important. That being said, having the right toothbrush is a crucial component to your smile and your overall oral health. Smile Designers is a family dentist in Longmont. Below, we’ll go over what to look for in a toothbrush. Get in touch today!

toothbrush bristles

The Type of Bristles

As you’re probably aware, toothbrushes come with different types of bristles, and many people make the mistake of thinking that the firmer the bristle, the better the brush. This is just not the case. In fact, you want to choose a soft bristle so that it is gentle on your teeth and gums when you brush.

close up of a toothbrush head

Size of the Brush Head

The size of the brush head varies, too. While this is partly due to the size of people’s mouths (for instance, kids’ toothbrushes are definitely smaller), the size can be for convenience when holding, too. However, you should aim for a brush head that is about one inch by half an inch for optimal cleaning.

child brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush

Electric Vs. Manual

Many people swear by one or the other, and our local dentists here at Smile Designers truly don’t have a preference. Both are more than adequate to brush your teeth, assuming the proper technique is used and you are brushing for a minimum of two minutes a day. We recommend you use the one you like the best.

kid smiling at the dentists office

 ADA Acceptance

The American Dental Association (ADA) advocates for the dental profession as well as for the public when it comes to dental care. They test dental products, including toothbrushes, for rigor and quality. When choosing a toothbrush, look for approval by the ADA for peace of mind.


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