When you’re active in sports, do you wear mouthguards?

If you don’t, you probably should. Mouthguards (or mouth protectors) can safeguard not just your teeth, but your lips, face, and jaw as well. In sports like hockey, football, boxing, gymnastics, skateboarding, or any activity where a dental injury can happen, mouthguards are as important as helmets or safety pads. Here’s why.

Helps Prevent Chipped Or Broken Teeth

It’s estimated that about a third of all dental injuries are related to sports; a mouthguard that’s being used correctly has the ability to prevent a majority of these injuries.

A mouthguard is a soft plastic appliance worn during contact sports and other physically intense activities to prevent injuries to the teeth and mouth. Wearing a mouthguard helps prevent chipped and broken teeth; while a pediatric or family dentist can perform dental work to repair the damage and have the chipped teeth looking and working great again, the ideal situation would be to prevent these injuries from happening in the first place.

Protects The Lips And Cheeks

Have you ever had a nasty split lip? Or have you ever bitten your cheeks so hard that they swell up and take seemingly forever to heal? If the answer is yes, you know how painful these injuries can be, and how long it can take for them to fully heal.

By providing rigid yet comfortable protection, a mouthguard absorbs the impact during collisions, often sparing lips, cheeks, and other soft tissues in your mouth from significant injuries, and sparing you (or your child) from a mouthful of pain!

Guards Your Tongue

Biting your tongue is painful. Biting down hard and uncontrollably on your tongue is dangerous, risking the physical integrity of this important organ. A mouthguard can protect your tongue in the event of impacts and falls during sports and similar active pursuits. This is yet another great reason to wear your mouthguard!

It’s important that your appliance fit properly. To work effectively, it needs to stay in place to protect the sensitive areas of your mouth even while you’re in motion. Your family dentist can fit you for a mouthguard that’s right for you.

Keeps Crowns Or Bridgework From Breaking

If you have any crowns or bridgework, these dental restorations can be put at risk during intense physical activity. In everything from wrestling to basketball, an accidental hit to the face can result in breakage of the dental work that your family dentist had so carefully crafted and fitted you for. Protect crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures by using a well-fitting mouthguard during sports.

Offers Protection For Your Roots

If a blow is hard enough or comes into the face at just the right angle, a tooth can be damaged right down to the roots. The tooth can become loose, or it can be knocked out of its socket.

To protect teeth down to the roots, be sure to wear your fitted mouthguard properly. It’s important to have your family dentist (or your child’s pediatric dentist) create the mouthguard for you. Don’t wear somebody else’s mouthguard; this is bad news for many reasons! For the right fit and to maintain proper oral hygiene, always wear your own mouthguard, and don’t lend it out to someone else.

Protects Your Jaw

Believe it or not, your mouthguard can protect your jaw from being fractured, even if you get hit by a baseball or another athlete accidentally knees or elbows your jaw. We can’t emphasize this enough, though: Your mouthguard needs to fit correctly and be worn properly in order to offer you maximum protection.

Get Fitted For A Mouthguard At Smile Designers

Coloradans like to stay active and fit, and at Smile Designers of Longmont, we think that’s great news! We also believe in wearing the proper protection when engaging in any type of sports or rugged physical activity. That’s why we’re proponents of wearing well-fitting mouthguards during sports, whatever your age.

If you need a mouthguard, come to our family dentistry office in Longmont, CO. We will gladly fit you or your child with a mouthguard that conforms well to the shape of the mouth and teeth and is comfortable to wear. For high-quality dental care for the whole family, make an appointment with Smile Designers today!