If you’ve ever had tooth problems, you know how important your teeth are in everyday life. They aren’t just great for chewing, they also have to stand up to the temperatures of the beverages you drink. More than that, each tooth has a nerve with the capability of screaming at you when something is wrong. Tooth pain can ruin your ability to sleep, eat, and even focus at work. Unlike muscle pains, which generally get better over time, tooth pain generally gets worse. Even if it stops, that can be a dangerous sign.

Did you know that surgical tooth extraction is the most common surgery in the United States? Many times, a troubled tooth needs to be removed and replaced with a crown or other implant for the good of your other teeth. You may need another surgical intervention to ensure your teeth have the best chance. At Smile Designers in Longmont, we are proud to provide our expertise, skills, and a welcoming environment to anyone needing oral surgery.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are three main reasons why teeth get extracted:

  • Disease

    • When a tooth gets infected and a root canal isn’t going to be enough, removing the tooth is generally the best option.
  • Trauma

    • Teeth that are too damaged to take a crown or filling are best removed. Otherwise, they can cause more and more extensive problems.
  • Crowding

    • Tooth extraction may be necessary before orthodontic treatment can take place.

All of the above issues can get serious very quickly and cause expensive, long-term issues. Making sure they don’t have a chance to get worse is well worth it.

Surgical Extraction vs. Simple Extractions

When a tooth is visible above the gumline, it can usually be removed with forceps, which is a simple extraction. However, if there are gum or bone tissues in the way, surgical extraction becomes necessary. Surgery is also necessary when the tooth has long, curved roots or is so broken down it cannot be removed with forceps.

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