Your mouth is made of several systems that work together to allow you to process food. Your gums may be the most important system, as they protect the roots of your teeth and keep dangerous bacteria from getting into your jaw, nerves, and skull. We all know our mouths are full of nasty bacteria that could do some serious damage if allowed past the natural barriers your body puts up, including your gums.

Almost half of Americans over 30 are affected by periodontitis or advanced gum disease. This condition may be common, but it can end in lost teeth, and nobody wants that. The bad news is, periodontitis is sneaky. It starts when plaque isn’t being removed from your teeth correctly, a condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis is usually indicated by swollen, red, bleeding gums. If left to continue, the bacteria produces toxins and can infect the bones and ligaments within your jaw, leading to loose teeth. The good news is, there are many solutions to the issue.

At Smile Designers, we know that people tend to pay the most attention to their teeth, wondering if they are aligned correctly or white enough. All too often, the gums get ignored. They are an extremely important part of your dental system, and we are here to make sure they can do their jobs with excellence. We offer several gum treatments at our Longmont location and would be happy to discuss any of them with you.

Our Periodontic Treatment Options

Advanced Gum Treatment

If your gums are struggling, we have several proven solutions to bring you relief. These include gum grafts, which are just what they sound like. Gum tissue is removed from your palate and put over the exposed roots of your teeth. This treatment reduces sensitivity and stops root decay in its tracks.

Dental Implant

If the damage is deeper and has affected the bone, we can use bone grafting to regrow the bone and renew your teeth. In this treatment, we will clean the affected area and install natural or synthetic bone as well as proteins that stimulate tissue growth. This way, your jaw will still be functional as your body regrows your bone and tissue.

Deep Cleaning

Plaque is the start of gum issues, and if you have a significant amount of it, we can use a treatment called scaling and root planing. In this nonsurgical treatment, we will scrape away the tartar on your teeth and carefully smooth any roughness that might encourage plaque buildup in the future. This treatment puts you in a good position for avoiding gingivitis, but it doesn’t mean you can skip regular checkups!

When you take care of your teeth, your quality of life stays high. You don’t have to do it alone, though. The Smile Designers team is here to help. Our extensive experience and passion for pursuing the cutting edge of our specialty make us the number-one choice for anyone needing a dentist in Longmont. Contact our office today for an appointment!