1. Dental Services That Will Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Healthier

    There’s nothing quite like being a parent, is there? Watching your child grow and learn and play and smile is such a powerful and rewarding experience — especially that smile. So much is contained in and expressed in a smile. A smile means one thing when it’s half-hidden and revealed slowly an…Read More

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    What To Ask A Pediatric Dentist Before Your Child’s Procedure

    As a parent or caregiver, you want your child to have the best dental office experience possible. At Smile Designers, we want the same. It’s important to us that our young patients feel comfortable before, during, and after any dental care procedure, so we’ve put together this compilation of que…Read More

  3. What To Look For In a Kid’s Dentist

    We get it. Your kid is going to lose their teeth anyway. Right now you’re thinking, what’s the point in taking them to see a dentist, much less on a routine basis? And it’s a fair thought. You’re not alone in thinking it. Unfortunately, your child’s healthy smile doesn’t start after the …Read More