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Individuals may have missing teeth for a wide range of reasons. A tooth may need to be extracted because of disease or decay. It may have fallen out in an accident or injury, with attempts to replace it not working out. Genetic factors may come into play, with congenitally missing teeth running in the family. Advanced gum disease can also lead to teeth falling out, in rare cases.

When You Have Missing Teeth

Regardless of the reasons for missing one or more teeth, there are dental procedures that can address the problem and create solutions you can live with! Restorative dentistry treatments exist to complete your bite and restore your smile. Learn what these treatments are in today’s blog.

Bridges And Crowns

Dental crowns are highly versatile and fairly routine nowadays. They can be customized for a perfect fit, and they are used as a dental solution in a wide range of cases. Coupled with bridges, they can provide the dental solution a patient with missing teeth needs.

At Smile Designers in Longmont, our restorative dentistry procedures include crowns and bridges to address missing or broken teeth. Bridges can be anchored to adjacent teeth, and they hold crowns that serve as replacement teeth. Contact our dental office in Longmont, CO if you’d like to learn more about this option.

Partial Or Full Dentures

Another popular solution is a custom-made set of dentures. Depending on the condition of your teeth, and your overall health and medical history, your dentures can come as partials or a full set. Many of our patients appreciate the flexibility that dentures offer, since these prosthetic dental devices can be removed. This means that you can take them off to clean them thoroughly. Some people find it more comfortable to sleep without their dentures, but many choose to keep them in place. With removable dentures, you have options!

Dental Implants

This is yet another popular solution for many patients who are missing teeth. Dental implant procedures involve a multistep process, with first a titanium post inserted into the jawbone to serve as the root, and later a crown placed over it to complete your bite and your smile.

Schedule A Dental Care Appointment To Explore Options

As you can see, a number of options exist to meet your needs and fit your budget. You can schedule a consultation at our dental office in Longmont to discuss these restorative dentistry procedures and other options. Together, we can determine which approach will best meet your needs. To learn more about partial or full dentures, implants, and dental crowns and bridges, reach out to us today!