When you take care of your body, it can take care of you. This is just as true when it comes to your teeth. The enamel of each tooth is the toughest material in your body, and your teeth can take a lot of wear and tear. That being said, teeth aren’t invincible. Normal wear, bad habits, injuries, accidents, and even genetic factors can chip, crack, and break teeth.

Teeth can also become stained and discolored from drinking our favorite beverages, smoking, or simply aging.

At Smile Designers, we want you to feel confident when you smile. This is why we offer world-class restorative dentistry services. No matter what you’re going through, our dental care services are here to help you.

Our Restorative Dentistry Services

Crowns and Bridges

These prosthetic dental devices are fantastic answers to broken or missing teeth. Crowns are usually used as caps to replace the visible portion of damaged teeth or existing implants. They make the teeth stronger and improve their appearance. They are usually made of porcelain or ceramic because these materials easily match the color of teeth. They can also be made of metal alloys, gold, and acrylic. Dental crowns are meant to be both functional and attractive, mimicking the look of natural teeth.

Bridges come into play when you lose teeth. Unfortunately, teeth shift and rotate into gaps left by missing teeth, which can really mess up your bite. Gum disease and jaw issues are also common if bridges aren’t used. Dental bridges are cemented to the surrounding implants or teeth. Replacement teeth are added to the bridge, keeping your natural teeth from moving into the gap. The result is a smile that is good as new and an improved bite that will serve you well.

Tooth Color Restorations

If your teeth are discolored or patchy, you don’t have to just live with it. Instead, contact our team to start a conversation about the different options at your disposal. Fillings, onlays, inlays, and crowns are a few of the directions you can choose to go. No matter which treatment is right for you, our Longmont dental care team will make sure your smile helps you feel more confident in any setting!

Implant Restorations

If you’ve had restorative dentistry done previously and it’s not looking so great, you aren’t alone. Technology has come a long way, and the work you have may be outdated. We can quickly bring your dental work up to date and do what it takes to renew your smile!

Partial and Full Dentures

Unlike crowns and bridges, these prosthetic dental devices can be removed. They’ve come a long way from their wooden past and look completely realistic, offering the comfort you want. We can fit you with complete or partial dentures depending on how many teeth are missing, allowing you to function comfortably at home, at work, and anywhere you go.

Repairing and Replacing Missing Teeth

When it comes to repairing and replacing teeth, the methods used depend on the situation. We’ve already discussed several different options, including dentures, dental crowns, and implants. If left untreated, missing and damaged teeth can lead to other more extensive issues. If you have damaged or missing teeth, make an appointment with our dental office in Longmont at your earliest convenience.